\ Vertical Axis Wind Turbines with Variable Blade Sections

Vertical Axis Wind Turbines with Variable Blade Sections


Lift-driven vertical axis wind turbines provides many advantages over horizontal axis ones however, their blades are subjected to periodically varying angles of attack. Therefore, the aerodynamic efficiency of the blade sections change during the rotation. Since both positive and negative angles of attack are experienced during one blade revolution symmetric profiles have been generally preferred for these types of turbines. Cambered profiles typically show better aerodynamic performance than symmetric ones at positive angle of attack however, this performance quickly degrades at negative angles of attack. In this project the higher aerodynamic performance of the cambered airfoil profiles will be tried to be used by effectively changing the camber of the airfoil section as the blades rotate. Here, the camber will be altered by deforming the trailing edge of the blades similar to a flap of the airplane wings. Aerodynamic simulations will be performed using the open source CFD software OpenFOAM. An optimum camber varying procedure will be sought.

Work Description:

  • Gaining experience on the 2-D VAWT simulation using OpenFOAM
  • Modifying camber of the blades periodically to improve turbine performance.
  • Performing CFD simulations for the variable geometry turbines using mesh morphing techniques.

Required Qualifications and Skills:

  • Should have enough experience in fluid mechanics
  • Should have enthusiasm about code development and learning new software.

Reference: VAWT_DES

Supervisor: Alpman

Student: Samet Ali Yücal

Draftsman with engineering plans and mechanical parts