\ Design of a Resin Fastener

Design of a Resin Fastener

Supervisor: Çıblak

Reference:  FASTENER (Acronym)

Students: Ziya Eren Özelgin, Esen Can Kırışoğlu

Fasteners are components that mechanically join two or more parts together. They have been used in several industries for centuries. Since fasteners are manufactured in certain sizes, geometry of objects to be fastened has to match those sizes. In addition, each fastener type requires a specific tool or set of tools. While two wrenches are needed to fasten a bolt and nut, a rivet gun is needed to drive a rivet. Recent advances in resin technology may overcome these limitations where strength of the connection is not crucial. Ultraviolet light activated resins can be cured in less than a second. These resins are generally in liquid form and if covered by a flexible material, they can be used as a deformable fastener. In this project, a deformable resin fastener will be designed, built, and tested.

Work Description:

  • Design and Solid Modelling
  • Strength Analyses using FEM Tools
  • Building a prototype
  • Testing
  • Writing a report

Required Qualifications and Skills:

  • Research oriented personality
  • Knowledge of strength of materials and machine elements
  • 3D Modeling
  • Academic research and report writing skills