\ Design of a Corrosive-Fatigue Test Machine

Design of a Corrosive-Fatigue Test Machine

Supervisor: Gökşenli

Reference: CF (Acronym)

Position Availability: 2 Students

Almost 80% of the machine parts fail due to fatigue. Therefore, fatigue characteristics of materials must be well investigated. Fatigue strength of materials are affected by different parameters. Corrosion is one of the dominant factor which decreases the fatigue strength dramatically. Therefore, during the design, effect of different corrosion ambiance on fatigue life must be known. Unfortunately, the effect of different corrosion environment on fatigue strength can only be determined by applying tests.


The aim of the project is to design a “Corrosive-Fatigue Test Machine”. This test machine will be able to determine the fatigue strength and the effect of different corrosive types on fatigue life. During the design of the test machine, at first a classical fatigue test machine will be designed. Further a container will be designed and inside different corrosive medias will be placed. The test specimen will be inside the container (corrosive environment) and fatigue test will be carried out. The aim is to plot the fatigue line and to detect the effect of corrosive media on the fatigue characteristics of the material.

The Corrosive-Fatigue Test Machine should have following properties.

  • A container must be placed for applying different corrosive media. (acid, brine, alkaline…)
  • Stress amplitude value should be adjustable.
  • A counter must be placed to determine the Fatigue life (cycle).

Work Description:

  • A literature analysis must be carried out to determine the characteristics of the fatigue test machine and main elements.
  • Concept designs will be carried out and optimum design be determined according to different criteria.
  • Designing a fatigue test machine.
  • A mechanism should be designed to change the stress amplitude value applied on the test specimen.
  • A container must be designed and test specimen should be placed in this corrosive environment.
  • Cost analysis
  • Preparing technical drawings of the test machine and detailed drawings of main components.

Required Qualifications and Skills:

  • Interest and knowledge in designing test machines.
  • Knowledge of a CAD program
  • Interest in material properties.