\ Design of a Blender Machine for Preparing Animal Feed for Bovine

Design of a Blender Machine for Preparing Animal Feed for Bovine

Supervisor: Gökşenli

Reference: BAF (Acronym)

Students: Nail Deren Mecit, Mustafa Okur

Animal feed for Bovine consists of different foodstuff. The feed consists of wheat, dough, rice, grass, chaff, vitamins, beet pulp and some additives. These different foodstuffs must be placed in a container and mixed. Unfortunately, this mixing procedure is applied nowadays by the workers in the farm, which results in a heterogeneous mixture of the feed. It is desired to achieve a homogenous blend of the feed. To achieve a homogenous blend, a “Blender Machine for Preparing Animal Feed for Bovine” will be designed which is the aim of this project.

By the design of this machine, at first a huge container will be designed for placing the feed. Further the different foodstuffs will be placed in the container. Huge worm gears in the container will rotate and squeeze the feed continuously to achieve a homogenous mixture. The gears will be driven by the engine power of the tractor. The tractor will further carry the container to the barn for feeding the bovine. Therefore, the machine should also be portable. Corrosive environment, caused by the feed and humidity, should be considered during the design of worm gears and machine elements.

The “Blender Machine for Preparing Animal Feed for Bovine” should have following properties:

  • A container will be designed.
  • Worm gears will be designed.
  • Worm gears and driven mechanism will be designed. (Gears will be driven by the tractor)
  • Worm gears rpm should be controllable.
  • The machine should be portable (should have tires for movement).
  • The machine should have an exit system to discharge the feed in the container.

Work Description:

  • A literature analysis must be carried out to analyze existing mixture machines.
  • Concept designs will be carried out and optimum design be determined according to different criteria.
  • Strength analysis will be carried out.
  • Final design of the container, worm gears and driving mechanism.
  • Cost analysis
  • Preparing technical drawings of the test machine and detailed drawings of main components.

Required Qualifications and Skills:

  • Knowledge in designing farm machines.
  • Knowledge of a CAD program
  • Interest in farm machines.