\ Adsorption Heat Pump

Adsorption Heat Pump

In this project, it will be investigated the adsorption cooling system as shown in Fig. 1. This system consists of classical refrigeration components and an adsorbent bed operated with solar energy instead of a compressor working with electrical power. The advantages of these systems are that they can be used in the field of lack of electricity such as desert, it is a noiseless system and has long life span owing to lack of moving components. On the other hand, it has relatively low specific cooling and heating power and coefficient of performance (COP) values when compared with mechanical heat pump system. Also, the period of cycle and power of adsorption heat pump is closely related with the characteristic of heat and mass transfer in adsorbent bed. Therefore, the mechanism of heat and mass transfer in adsorbent bed should be understood well in order to design more efficient products. In the scope of this study, after the detailed literature examination and explaining of the mechanism of heat and mass transfer in adsorbent bed considering diffusivity and permeability phenomenon, it will first be evaluated the potential of the solar energy of Alanya/Antalya province and then designed an adsorption heat pump by utilizing from this solar energy. Furthermore, it can be beneficial to carry out a cost analysis between the thermal driven heat pump and mechanical heat pump.

Work Description:

  • have knowledge of fundamental thermodynamics, heat and mass transfer and also fluid mechanics.


Required Qualifications and Skills:

  • should be highly willing and motivated in depth research.

Ref: AHP (Acronym)

Supervisor: Olcay

Student: Khaled Matar

Duration: 1 semester