\ Elektrikli Araçların Yeniden Doğuşu

Elektrikli Araçların Yeniden Doğuşu

Berkan Bayram

Founder and Executive Editor, Turkey Electric and Hybrid Vehicles Association

Tarih ve Saat

12 Şubat 2018 - 14:00


Rectorate Building Blue Saloon

One of the biggest threats the world has been facing in recent years is the increasing level of CO2 emission and so air pollution. The rising number of cars in traffic, and the high level
of exhaust gas emission of many of these cars drastically harm the nature. Then, how can we overcome this problem? In order to overcome this obstacle, we should firstly create an
awareness and enlighten the society. TEHAD is working on Electric and Hybrid vehicles such as cars, motorcycles and buses which are using environmentally friendly fuel (electricity and
hydrogen) TEHAD also generates projects for having market in Turkey about transportation vehicles with low CO2 emissions. Our goal as TEHAD – Turkish Electric and Hybrid Vehicles
Association, is to deliver with the right information at first hand to our members about the latest Electric and Hybrid vehicle technologies and industry developments. Please contact
with us, as the Turkey’s the first and only non-governmental organization. bilgi@tehad.org /www.TEHAD.org
Berkan Bayram, born in Ankara – Turkey, graduated from Ankara Arı High School in 1992. After graduating from Marmara University in 1998, he has been a manager for 7 years at various levels in
publishing sector. As of 2011, he has begun to publish the industry’s first and only publication of the ’Electric and Hybrid Automobiles’ magazine the Turkish automotive industry. As of 2015, he has led the
establishment of the ’Turkey Electric and Hybrid Vehicles Platform’. Berkan Bayram is the Chief Editor of Electric and Hybrid Cars Magazine and the founder of TEHAD and a member of the Automotive
Journalists Association.