\ Eğitim Semineri: Bulut Tabanlı Yerli Mühendislik (Sonlu Elemanlar Analizi) Platformu - SIMULARGE

Eğitim Semineri: Bulut Tabanlı Yerli Mühendislik (Sonlu Elemanlar Analizi) Platformu – SIMULARGE

Dr. Erhan Turan

Tarih ve Saat

13 Kasım 2018 - 13:00


Mühendislik B-306

Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) is a discipline to support design and manufacturing processes in Aviation, Automotive, Energy and in many other high tech Industries. Accessibility to CAE software is generally restricted because of high licensing fees, difficulties in learning the analysis workflow, required experience to judge the results and -last but least- the necessity of using high performing computer hardware. With the maturity of Cloud Platforms and multiple next-gen technologies in Computer Science initiated the effort called “Democratization of CAE”. Containers, Kubernetes, open-source Javascript and Python libraries set the stage to activate a paradigm shift in CAE. Simularge, a Turkish Startup founded by two Engineers, is focused on delivering seamless solutions through the cloud infrastructure without assumed restrictions of Classical CAE platforms. Instead of focusing only on Engineering Simulations, Simularge is focused on creating a Cloud Based Engineering Platform to empower the whole design and operation cycle. In this talk, Dr.Erhan Turan will discuss the current and future state of CAE Market. He will then introduce their new solution called Simularge Express.

Dr. Erhan Turan graduated from Boğaziçi University, Department of Mechanical Engineering in 2005 and completed his dissertation in 2010, at the same department where he performed research on the solution algorithms for multi-physics problems. Later, he joined ETH Zürich of Switzerland to investigate micro finite element models arisen in poroelasticity using Super Computers. He also acted as a visiting researcher in Institute of Geonics, Czech Republic to analyze saddle point problems in Geomechanics. In 2013, Erhan Turan accepted a Thermal Systems Engineer role in GE Aviation, to work on design of next generation engines for Commercial Aircraft including new Boeing 777x, 737 Max, Dreamliner, Airbus 380 and many more. In his last three year of his GE, he worked as a Manager and later as a Technical Leader of a global team with a dozens of engineers. In 2016, he was rewarded by GE Aviation with “Global Engineering Excellence” award. Dr. Turan is currently the Co-Founder and the Chief Technology Officer of Simularge Company. He has 10+ scientific articles and a US patent in Engine Cooling Technology.