Mission & Vision


Our mission is to educate and train mechanical engineers who have a firm understanding of modern engineering tools and methods, a solid foundation of relevant knowledge, ability for analytical thinking, diagnosing engineering problems, generating solutions and applying them, a solid notion of engineering ethics and responsibility, awareness of and ethical stance toward major issues such as environment, global climate change, hunger and human rights; to maintain close relations with national and international institutions of scientific knowledge and technology to enable our graduates to continue their personal development and career; to carry out R&D projects on contemporary and advanced topics and to generate knowledge and technology; to work toward a common goal of promoting joint R&D activities at the University; to contribute to national and global development via these activities.


Our vision is to become an engineering department respected at national and international levels, whose graduates are sought by industry and research institutions and which conducts R&D projects in close collaboration with national and international industrial and research organizations, generates knowledge, disseminates it and develops technology products.