Ph.D. Course Descriptions

Compulsory Courses

Research Methodologies in Systems Engineering (ESYE 501)

This course includes analytic and descriptive survey designs, pilot work, selection methods for data collection, evidence interpretation and reporting methods as preliminary to a research project to be prepared by the student under the surveillance of a faculty member. The project provides an opportunity to prepare and present an integrated technology oriented project of significant importance to the student’s organization […]

Engineering Analysis II (ME 502)

Generalized functions. Green’s functions, integral equations. Fredholm and Volterra equations, Hilbert- Schmidt theory, singular integral equations. Integral transforms: Fourier, Laplace, Hankel and Mellin transforms.

Seminar (ME 690)

The widening of students’ perspectives and awareness of topics of interest to systems engineers through seminars offered by faculty, guest speakers and graduate students.

Qualifying Exam Preparation (ME 691)

In this course, the student conducts an independent study to prepare for the doctoral proficiency exam. In the written and oral proficiency exam applied at the end of the course, the student should demonstrate that he / she has sufficient knowledge of the basic subjects in his / her field and can conduct a scientific research for his / her […]

Elective Courses

Special Topics in Energy (ME 619)

A course to be offered depending on a visiting or part-time instructor’s expertise or on a current research carried out by a full-time instructor.

Conduction Heat Transfer (ME 623)

Steady and unsteady heat conduction involving various boundary conditions. Methods of formulation. Analytical solutions and approximate methods. Error function and complimentary error function. Bessel function and spherical Bessel function. Superposition and Duhamel’s theorem. Conduction in change of state. Simple kinetic theory of an ideal gas. Bologna Course Pack – ME623

Convective Heat Transfer (ME 624)

Basic equations of fluid flow. Differential and integral equations of the boundary layer. Forced convection in internal and external laminar flows. Exact solutions and approximate solutions. Momentum transfer and convective heat transfer for turbulent flow. Convective heat transfer at high velocities. Convective heat transfer to non-Newtonian fluid. Natural convection. Condensation. Bologna Course Pack – ME624

Radiation Heat Transfer (ME 625)

Basic laws of thermal radiation. Radiation properties of solids and liquids. Exchange of thermal radiation between surfaces separated by transparent media; non-gray and non-diffuse surfaces. Gas radiation in enclosures. Radiation combined with conduction and/or convection.

Two-Phase Flow Heat Transfer (ME 626)

Nucleation and bubble growth in boiling. Pool boiling heat transfer. Critical heat flux. Film boiling. Kinematics and dynamics of adiabatic two-phase flow. Two phase flow with boiling and/or evaporation. Stability of two-phase flows. Condensation.

Viscous Flow and Boundary Layer Theory (ME 631)

Equation of motion for viscous flow; exact solutions of Navier-Stokes equations; boundary layer theory, similar solutions, approximate methods of solution; turbulent boundary layers; introduction to three-dimensional compressible boundary layer flows. Fundamental equations of compressible viscous flow, stability of laminar flows, Reynolds equations of turbulent flow. Bologna Course Pack – ME631

Turbulent Flow Theory (ME 632)

Introduction, Stability of Shear Flows, Definition of Flow Stability and Critical Reynolds Number, Inviscid Shear Flows, Viscous Shear Flows, Transition to Turbulence, Coherent Structures, Turbulence in Shear Flows, Basic Description, Statistical Background, Reynolds Averaged Navier-Stokes Equations (RANS), Free Shear Flows, Wall-Bounded Flows, Theory and Modeling of Turbulent Flows, Homogeneous Isotropic Turbulence, the Kolmogorov Spectrum, Modeling Turbulence, k-ε model, Large-Eddy Simulation (LES), Special Topics. Bologna […]

Large Eddy Simulation (ME 634)

Review of turbulent flow theory; RANS and DNS models; discretization in time and space; derivation of LES equations; filtering; sub-grid scale models; boundary conditions. Bologna Course Pack – ME634

Turbomachinery Design and Analysis (ME 636)

Basic theory of turbomachinery; dimensionless parameters and similarity laws; cavitation; design and analysis of fans, pumps, gas turbines, steam turbines and hydroturbines.

Special Topics in Fluid Mechanics (ME 639)

A course to be offered depending on a visiting or part-time instructor’s expertise or on a current research carried out by a full-time instructor.

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